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About Us

The Non-governmental Organization „Es redzu” (Latvian for „I see”)

The organization’s work is mostly related to integration of visually impaired children and young people into community and society: the organization is looking for better ways and methods to demonstrate to society and to the visually impaired people themselves their opportunities and great potential for contribution. The process of educational and social integration of visually impaired young people makes use of the experience of Western and Eastern countries, as well as that of Latvia. The opportunities for everyone to fulfill their dreams and use their individual talents to the utmost are equally important.

Presently our Internet webpage is being developed to make information available to everyone. So far we have succeeded in helping blind young people join and participate in various projects. We have started cooperating with assistants to try and help young people attend general education schools (instead of specialized education schools).

Another objective of the organization is advocating the right of visually impaired people to fully participate in public life, including such areas as education, employment, right to an accessible environment, as well as their rights to participate in various cultural activities. We also advocate the improvement of living and work conditions and employment opportunities. Our goal is to provide information and to implement practical activities, and also to support the development of individual independence by making appropriate technologies accessible.

In a short time span the organization has managed to establish successful cooperation with the Latvian Society of the Blind, the Liepaja Society of the Blind, Kuldiga City council, Ventspils City council, Jurmala City council, the International Architects’ Association, a primary school in Vaivari and the Riga Catholic Secondary School. We are looking for cooperation opportunities with other organizations and local governments, as well as with related organizations abroad.

The main mission of „ Es redzu” is to advocate and advance the integration of visually impaired young people into society. Previous experience shows that the main cause of integration difficulties is the society’s lack of trust in blind people and thus also unwillingness to give them opportunities and fully use their capabilities. Those who would like to provide opportunities, in turn, do not really know how it could be done. It’s important for everyone to understand that a young person with visual impairments is not a burden; instead, there are many ways for them to contribute and to help make our society better.


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